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As before, our slogan remains effectively the same, "Founding the Future". Why? Because it's not about us. It's about our great-grandchildren. The need for them to have a safe, healthy, and strong world to live in after we are gone. The bedrock of future generations is laid by us, in the here and now.

Burlington's Biggest Issues

CRIME AND POLICING As a candidate for city council, Charlie will work to provide the best possible environment for our law enforcement personnel, and other first responders, to serve the city. The oath our officers have taken means something. Providing them the proper pay, tools, and equipment to effectively serve and protect Burlington is a critical element of reducing the overall crime rate in the city...which is roughly twice the average national crime rate.
GROWTH Burlington has quickly become one of the fastest growing communities in the Triad as well as the state. That requires a constant attention to planning, development, infrastructure, traffic, tax base, and need projections for all those things and more. As a councilman, Charlie will ensure that the growth doesn't overtake the soul of the city, as it has in so many other places. Preserving our history and community while expanding into the future must be done the right way.
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Over the last two years amazing strides have been made in overall economic development by the current council and city staff. However, Burlington needs more attention than ever in this area. As we grow we will need jobs, businesses, and income generating assets from which the community can sustain itself. Increased economic growth 'raises all ships' in the fact that it helps to reduce crime, increase government revenues without raising taxes, and provide a magnet-like pull for our children to want to stay here as they grow into adults. Charlie's goal will be to increase overall funding in the city's economic development budget allocation and provide city staff with the best possible tools to bring economic growth to the city.

What Charlie Believes

FREEDOM Charlie believes the primacy of freedom in our society must be protected at all costs. We live in a Constitutional Republic, and in the last few decades, that freedom has been under assault from many directions. Regardless of left or right political systems, we were all born free, and keeping that birthright intact is one of his strongest beliefs.
FAMILY One thing we can agree on is that our families mean more to us than we can ever put into words. The same is true for Charlie. His wife and children are part of his 'why', and creating a brighter future for his children and grandchildren is one of the guiding goals of his life.
FAITH Growing up in a strong Christian household is something Charlie considers one of his greatest blessings. His faith in Christ has helped shape his life and forms a core part of his being.
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