From virtually all available sources, Burlington’s total crime rate has steadily ticked upward since around 2012. Currently, Burlington's crime rate is approximately 120% higher than the entire U.S. average. The previous Chief of Police submitted his letter of resignation this past February; and Burlington is still without a Chief of Police, despite having been given months of advance warning from the former Chief of Police.


As your City Councilman, addressing the crime rate in Burlington will be a top priority. As the crime rate is not only an issue of public safety to our citizens, it also makes our city less attractive for new businesses, manufacturers, service providers, and others who would bring much-needed, higher-paying jobs to the area. If we do not take action it will not be long before  Burlington is once again a “Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in NC”.


Burlington’s average individual median income is just over $26,000, which is $10,000  - $15,000 below the national average. Why are Burlington residents earning so much less than other Americans? One of the major reasons is that Burlington is not attracting the right employers and businesses to the right areas. We do not need another apartment complex or gas station, we need to identify a usable, abandoned industrial building, and seek out companies who fill that void in our community. 


Another issue causing the wage gap in Burlington is the pay level of all city workers and first responders. Yes, ALL city workers and first responders. No city employee with a family can survive on $11.00/hour! How do we expect to bring in trained and effective firefighters, first responders, and law enforcement to take care of our city when fast-food workers are making more money and have better benefits. As your City Councilman, I will correct the wage gap between Burlington and the rest of the nation by correcting the pay of city employees.

Community Engagement 

Accessibility and transparency is key to the effective and successful operation of any organization and is an issue that needs to be addressed in a variety of areas for the city of Burlington. One of the biggest general complaints I hear from the community is the lack of transparency, forward-looking announcements, and information coming out of the offices of the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager. How can we expect the community to properly engage if the  Burlington officials do not get the information out to the community? Partial information is NOT transparent. Partial support is NOT support. 

I will work to change this trend of inadequate community engagement by acting as a change agent, advocating for the community within the Burlington City Council, and working for you. I will achieve this by utilizing resources that many within our community already use such as Facebook, Instagram, and other Social media. This is why my personal contact information is listed so that you know you will have a friend in the City Council who wants to hear your concerns and not avoid them.