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I believe that no community, citizen, group, or individual should be left behind, in any manner. That means taking on the toughest of issues. The issues that few are willing to speak about and fewer still will put to record. As your City Councilman, I will work to bring growth to Burlington and its communities. This growth will help foster a future with fewer crimes, higher average wages, and a higher level of fiscal responsibility. I believe in a better Burlington, one in which our children can grow, our families can thrive, and our communities are made safer every day. These beliefs will never translate to reality without a unified city. Our approach to local government must be one that engages and unifies its constituents through actions, beyond asking for feedback.

Your Candidate For Council

Charlie is a passionate candidate for Burlington who believes in the importance of freedom, service to the community, and responsibility to future generations.

As a current member of the Planning & Zoning Commission, and previous member of the Board of Adjustment, Charlie has worked tirelessly to help the city grow.

As a husband and father of three, Charlie has firmly rooted his family in Burlington and Alamance County.

Click the "MEET CHARLIE" tab for more information on who he is.


One Stop Early Voting Begins, 10/19/23

One-Stop Early Voting Ends, 11/4/23

Municipal Election, 11/7/23

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